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The Furby Boom was the biggest selling toy of 2013, now a brand new generation of babies called Furby Boom Crystal are here.

The new Furby Boom Crystal Series are bound to be as popular for Christmas 2014 as they were last year, so to make sure your child wakes up happy on Christmas morning, order early in case they sell out!

We have put together this comprehensive review website to save you hours of trawling through the internet to find out the relevant information. Everything you could want to know about the new Furby Boom Crystal is right here at your fingertips, including links to the best offers available to buy online.


Furby Boom Crystal Review

Your new friends have a mind of their own and how you treat your them will develop their personality, so be good to them :) The more you play with them, the more English they speak. You can tickle your Furby, feed him with your finger and talk to him. You can even pull his tail, (but you might be surprised at his reaction!). Furby Crystals love music so play some of your favourite tunes and get the party started.


Furby Boom Crystal Toy

Your new friend loves to dance to music, talk to other Furby creatures and virtual Furblings, but most of all he wants to be friends with you!

The new Furby Boom Crystal really comes into its own when you download the free app which allows you to feed, wash and play with him – you will also be able to understand Furbish – the language he uses to chat to other Furbys.

If you look after him by feeding, petting, loving and cleaning him you will rewarded with virtual eggs to hatch and raise! Getting to know and interact with your new Furby Crystal will give you lots of hours of fun and enjoyment.

  • Shape your Furby’s personality and teach it words by talking to it and interacting with it
  • You can pet it, tickle its tummy and pull its tail, play music and introduce it to others
  • Hold him and turn him upside down
  • Feed him with your finger
  • Play games, get eggs and raise virtual Furblings with the free app

The Furby Boom Crystal App

The app for the Furby Boom Crystal is compatible with all Furby generations and works with Apple (IOS) and selected Android (Google) devices. The app works with iPhone, iPad and iPad touch. Your chosen device must be equipped with a microphone and Bluetooth to enable it to communicate with the Furby.

Compatible Android Devices:

Samsung Galaxy S2, S3, S4

Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 & Galaxy Note 2.

Amazon Kindle Fire HD Gen 1 and 2 (Gen 3 is NOT compatible because it lacks a microphone).

Google/Asus Nexus 7.

Motorola Droid RAZR Maxx HD (except model XT926).

Toys R US Tabeo.

NOTE: Device must be running Android OS 2.3.3 or later.

*This list is not exhaustive – I have a generic android device and it works fine.

Compatible IOS Devices:

iPod 4th generation or newer.

iPhone 4 or newer.

All iPad models.

iOS device must be running iOS 4.3 or later.

Due to hardware limitations, the app may not have full functionality on some older devices.

Taking Care Of Your Furby Crystal With The App

Using the free app to play with your Furby Crystal, you can discover the full game experience. Use the app to give your Furby a name – he will remember his own name plus the names of all the other Furby Booms he meets.

The apps monitor will help you keep track of your Furbys hunger, health and cleanliness levels.

  • When its time for a check-up – take him to the virtual X-Ray room.
  • Is he hungry? Help yourself to a snack from the app’s food store.
  • Needs to freshen up? Give him a virtual shower and even control the water temperature!

furby boom crystal app

When you take care of your Furby Crystal – he learns to take care of something too – that’s when you get a virtual egg!


Furby Boom Crystal Product Information

The new Furby Crystal Series have bright neon colored fur, gemlike ears and feet and a beautiful holographic face-mask. They can hatch more than 100 virtual babies using the free App. Collect the virtual eggs by taking good care of your Furby, finding free eggs on the app or even by collecting them from friends with their own Furby Boom Crystal.

If you can collect and hatch all 48 virtual eggs and fill your virtual city, you can win the much coveted Golden Egg and hatch a beautiful golden Furbling!! As you and your Furby Crystal collect and hatch virtual eggs, your virtual city fills up with Furblings that you can both interact with. Don’t forget to check out the Furby website for all the ways to collect eggs.

You and your Furby Crystal can team up with your virtual Furblings to play games such as Furball (the Furbish version of football). However, should the fun just get too much you should know that the only way to switch your Furby off completely is to take the batteries out. You can make him go to sleep with the batteries still in but he will come alive again as soon as someone speaks to him (something for the parents to remember!) Should the worst come to the worst and you need to reset him – there is a little reset button under the base plate where the batteries are.

Developing your Furby Boom Crystal’s Personality

Your new friend has 5 different personalities:

  • Feisty
  • Sweet
  • Hyper
  • Rockin
  • Jolly

Generally he will change his personality depending on how you treat him BUT it is possible to change your Furby Crystals personality to one of your choice. See our FAQ page for a guide on how to do this.

Furby Boom Crystal 2014 ‘V’ Furby Boom 2013

There are no functional differences between the Furby Boom 2013 and the new Furby Boom Crystal for 2014. The differences are purely cosmetic. If this is to be the first Furby in the family, it is likely your child will want the new up-to-date version, or you might want to collect the latest edition if you already have other Furbys.

The new app is all blinged up – everything from the background to the furniture and games are crystalled.

The ears, feet and face mask of the new Furby Crystal are crystalled, with the face mask having a hollographic effect – very sparkly. The fur is super-soft and the colors are extremely bright – almost neon.

Furby Boom Crystal Highlights

  1. Collect and hatch virtual Furblings to fill your city, catch and hatch 48 and hatch the golden Furbling.
  2. You can hatch and raise virtual Furblings, and play games together using the free app.
  3. Use the app to give your Furby Boom virtual food, medical check-ups, showers and more.
  4. Using the app, your new friend will remember the name you give it as well as the new friends it meets.
  5. The new generation has even more responses than the previous Furby. It has 5 different personalities, it can remember its name, it can hatch virtual Furblings, and much more.


Although there are no functional differences between this series and the Furby Boom released in 2013, the cosmetics of the toy have been overhauled with a glitzy new look and color scheme, as has the accompanying app. If you have an earlier Furby Boom then the good news is that you will not have to through a new learning curve to operate it.

If this is the first Furby to come into the family then you will be amazed at glitzy new look and color scheme and the increased play features provided by the app.

Younger children will benefit from developmental skills through caring for the Furby. It also enhances their ability to solve problems, increases their memory through repetition and provides them with a friend to talk to and interact with.

Although there may be more bargains available with the older versions, it is likely your child would want the new up-to-date, brightly colored and glitzy version to show off to their friends. At this price range, for the features and looks provided, the new Furby Boom Crystal from Amazon is a value buy which will provide your child with endless hours of pleasure, education and fun.

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Furby Boom 2013

This series has the same functionality as the Furby Boom Crystal, but does not come with the glitzy new look.


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Furby Boom Crystal Furblings

Furby Boom Crystal Furblings

The Furblings are the offspring of the Furby. They are much smaller in design and also come in at a much lower price point. They communicate with other Furblings and the larger Furby Crystal and are an integral part of the app. At a great price point I imagine parents will buy a few of these to create an entire Furby family.


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Remember that the new Furby Boom Crystal will be one of the best selling toys of 2014. Make sure you secure your availability by ordering early for guaranteed delivery from Amazon.