Helpful Tips For Parents

You will want to make sure that your new FURBY BOOM CRYSTAL is set up and ready to play with on Christmas morning. So that your child is not disappointed, make sure you leave adequate time to prepare the toy for use. Your child will be delighted if they can play with the toy straight away when they receive it. Here are a few tips to help you out.

  • Download the Furby Boom Crystal app in advance from either the Apple Store or Google store (depending on your device) and make sure it runs on your device without any problems.
  • Unbox your Furby and make sure everything looks OK. Read the Furby Boom Crystal instructions.
  • The Furby Boom Crystal operates with 4 AA batteries which are placed in the base under a battery cover which is secured with a screw. Make sure you have a small screwdriver available to open the battery cover. The extra weight of the batteries in the bottom helps keep the Furby stable.
  • When you have the Furby set up, make sure you can switch it on and connect with the app.
  • The motorized limbs in the Furby will drain the batteries fairly quickly, so make sure you have a spare set available to see you over the Holiday period. An even better idea to save money on batteries is to invest in an Energizer Smart Rechargeable Charger for AA Batteries and 2 sets of AmazonBasics AA High-Capacity Rechargeable Batteries (8-Pack) Pre-charged, so that you will always have a spare set available.


What size is the new Furby Boom Crystal?

fun furby facts

Fun Furby Facts

Furby Boom Crystal is a good size – 8.8 inches (22.4 cm) in height and 7.1 inches (18cm) in width.    Each toy weighs 24 ounces (680g). (It’s probably worth noting that Furby Crystal Furblings are considerably smaller at 6 inches x 5.2 inches).


How do I change the batteries in the Furby Boom Crystal?

4 x AA batteries which are inserted into the base via a base plate which needs to be screwed off so you need a flathead screwdriver for this bit!

Can I switch the Furby Crystal off?

There is no “on/off” switch on the furby – you can however put him into sleep mode by :

★ Pull tail for 10 seconds
★ Place Furby on its back for 15 seconds
★ Place Furby in quiet room and do not play with it.
★ Remove the batteries.

My Furby has fallen asleep and I can’t waken him. What do I do?

First, check that the batteries are OK and possibly change for a new or fully charged set. If the batteries are not the problem, remove the base of Furby and push the reset button for 2 seconds, then replace the base. This will reset your furby to the original “sweet personality” while retaining all of the personal data.

Can I clean my Furby Crystal?

Of course, you can gently brush your Furby’s hair with a cloth or soft brush to loosen any dirt. Then use a SLIGHTLY damp cloth to remove any stains.DO NOT put in the washing machine, submerge in water or get Furby wet in any way other than using a slightly damp cloth. DO NOT use detergents or stain removers on the fur. Make sure the Furby is stored out of direct sunlight which can fade its colors. Don’t forget that during play, you need to keep your Furby clean using the virtual shower feature on the app!

My Furby isn’t dancing when music is playing:

Try playing a different song or turning up the volume.

Can my Furby communicate with other Furbys?

Yes; Furby recognizes when others are present and will strike up conversation.If you get the right personalities in the right mood, you may even get them to sing to each other.Sometimes Furbys get along, sometimes they don’t.

Does the colour of my Furby indicate the type of personality it has?

No; all Furbys start out as the same personality. They develop one of five distinct personalities based on how you play with them. Every Furby can become any personality.

I don’t like the personality my furby has – can I change it?

Yes – Your furby will have the sweet personality when you take him out of the box but his personality changes depending on how you treat him. You can change his personality as follows:

★ Hyper – talk A LOT to your furby, out him in a room with the television on, tickle him and make him laugh.
★ Rockin – play the radio or sing, pull his tail! (Be warned – rockin furby isn’t for the faint-hearted – he’s full on, loud and he farts …. a lot!
★ Jolly – Feed, feed, feed, pet and feed, tickle and feed – don’t forget to ……feed!
★ Feisty – tilt and shake – don’t let him get bored.
★ Sweet – pet him, hug him and tickle him to make him laugh.

My Furby doesn’t pay attention to my voice

Try the following:

★ When talking to Furby, be sure you are looking directly at him/her and speak slowly and clearly. The closer you are to him, the easier it is for him/her to hear you.
★ It is easy for Furby to be distracted, be sure there is minimal background noise